Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mooncake Festival

I have one last mooncake with white lotus paste in the stockroom. Gonna munch it down this evening when I get home! Really smart of Mummy to tuck one box of mooncakes into my luggage LOL I never really ate any back home but last time, it was rather upsetting to see those mooncakes eaten one by one! Had Pandan, Red Bean and Lotus paste before.

Tonight's moon will be round and huge! I wonder if I can see it from the window :)

I am waiting for Microbiology Lecture. Guess what? I got a 5- yesterday from Marina. It was such a bullshit control. First was the MCQs (questions matched with wrong answers) and then write a table of the causative agent for Cholerae. Obviously its Vibrio bacteria so filled in all the stuff, handed it to her. Unfortunately, I got a B for MCQs so Marina asked me extra questions. Phew, she asked about EHE.coli LOL Thank god I read that one!

I am going to collect those party pics taken during the summer hols later. Damn curious what scandalous-looking pics gonna turn out. The one with Rajiv will give me a heart attack for sure and one with Joshua Chua :) Hes very good-looking. I dont exactly remember with who else I snapped with. Sad that I didnt take a pic with Wayne!