Monday, September 27, 2004

Me and Aussie Guys

I thought about Ben the other day. His face, his smile just flashed across my mind. I was 14 years old when we romanced. Cant believe he left us, left me at such a young age :( Damn stupid superstitous side of me threw his pics and details away during the summer. I regret doing so! What do you think would have happen between us now? Ben was so sweet and we spoke daily, he played hockey every evening- so athletic. I miss Ben. He would have been too shock to see how gorgeous Ive grown into LOL He did love me when I was only a little girl.

Now, Wayne. Hes also another sweet darling. I never replied to his last email- the one he mentioned about German boyfriend, catching up with him and about himself going back to Aussie for a holiday. He wrote again to me *awwww* Check this out

Hi ya Chin

Just at my sister's place in Oz checking my email.

How is everything over there ?

Playing golf here and PS2 with the kids - life is relaxing for another week.

Take care.
Wayne Z

Im really pleased. He did think about me! :P I would like to assume that anyway so :) No one bothers to hit the reply button when they see unreplied email. I mean look, he writes about his daily activities, isnt it sweet? Playing golf and PS2 with the kids LOL Compared to Ossie who goes "I miss you, I think about you, I wish you were here" kind of lines, for some reasons, I feel happier with Wayne's.

Wasted, Wayne is just soooooo cute and ah, old too. He ACTUALLY minded the age gap :( I seriously dont. Ben was 5 years older, Damon and Kok Sieng and Aron are 4 years older. Except for Viknes, he was only a year older. No wonder it turned out so sour LOL