Friday, September 17, 2004

A Live-In Gf Is Not A Wife

Thats for sure! I like our new apartment at M.Bulvar Dimitri Donskova. A little far, yes but quite a nice environment. I can get groceries easily from 7th Continent (pic above) or the vegetable stalls at the station. I do like the cleaning and enjoy the cooking. Well, sometimes :)

I mean as long as Aron doesnt make noise about it. Our roles have changed. How do I explain it. Like as though our characters swapped over the years. When I first met him, he was neat and very particular but now he can be very messy and unkept! I on the other hand, act like a perfectionist.

After Rajiv's close call to death at Hotel Metallurg, he plans to move in with us. Not sure when though. I have no problem with it of course, maybe Aron will feel rather upset having to share his food LOL Rajiv will be taking the small room. That was the initial plan actually. See? Sometimes somethings ARE meant to be. Aron, Rajiv and Iasonas were going to share a unit in the hostel. But Aron and i arent granted a place. Thats why we had to get our own place to stay while Rajiv had a room to himself. Now shit happened and we are still gonna be housemates. I hope Rajiv will like living with us!

Oooohhh I did call Kok Sieng!! He sounded happy to speak to me. In fact he claimed that he drove over to look for me. Stood outside my house and saw my feet on the table LOL Maybe its true since I like to rest my legs on the table when I watch TV. He said he would love to meet up but gotta wait till next summer hols. I really look forward to it ;)