Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Wanna Breakfast

Morning. I didnt have cornflakes before i left the house. Dont know why my tummy feels bloated. But nothing as bad as Leed Wi :P That guy's got diarrhea, poor thing. Maybe ill run for a Latte and McMuffin before lecture.

Come to think of it, weird that I'm a medical student. There are things which I feel obligated to do, such as :
-study or revise the notes given/written
-remember what ive studied
-speak more russian or at least look up the damn dictionary
-drag my ass up for lecture before sunrise etc

Med studs are supposed to be very smart, hard-working, scoring As and shit right. Guess what? Im not even trying :( Ought to feel guilty each time i spend the cash LOL Talking about cash, Aron and i are pretty broke. Thank god its the end of the month. How much did i spend in 24days?


On what? Very good question LOL Also because of this stupid apartment, everytime I come across any shop or stalls, I would stop to check out if theres anything I could buy for decorating purposes! Gotta quit that stupid habit! Totally unnecessary! >(