Friday, September 24, 2004

How I Lost The Pack

Rajiv and I actually RAN for Internal Disease lecture, all the way to the 9thFL by stairs! We arrived panting, only to see 3/4 of the batch missing. I felt stupid (but they all came 15mins after our grand entrance) Rajiv was just busy fiddling with his hp then rushed in and out of the room.

Thats not it. We were supposed to attend Pharmacology lecture somewhere nearby. I do not know where the location is so I knew I had to stick with the crowd. Hahaha but I went to the toilet and when I was done, there was no sign of anyone i know of! So i came here- TimeOnline :)

So its rather confirmed. Rajiv's moving in with us- temporarily he said. I guess its gonna be fun. He also said he will chip in whatever expenses we need. Im a little worried about him. There must be some conspiracy with the Militias, Hotel and these motherfuckers who robbed him.

I admire Aron's kindness. He was very sympathetic over Rajiv and furious with Kelvin for making stupid rules when Rajiv moved into their room. Like he cannot use the bathroom and toilet, no guests should visit and this and that. Kelvin's gonna get it from Aron today. More stories coming up for sure.