Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Do Not Pick Wild Flowers

Like the Chinese saying.. but Beck assured me that stray kisses and fun nights are OKAY. In fact she encouraged me to do so LOL She said she felt like the little devil on my shoulder urging me to commit scandals. She writes me email about her weekly fiasco with hunks. Cool.

Girls will always be girls.

And thats the problem. Until today, I still have this slight pang of stupidity and guilt for making out with Wayne on my first night at ZOUK. After we went home, I couldnt sleep (while the 3 aunties were snoring on my bed) because I thought I did something really wrong. Or maybe I was just confused. I should have listened to my best, not to call. Guys from clubs, stay in clubs. But no, I had to call him, get to know him, get personal and continue to get scandalous!

Lastest update. Ossie. Sasha wrote me today that hes going out with her friend, Li Hoong. Surprised? Nope and I never intended to have anything more with him anyway. Plus like I said. Hes not a genuine fella. Guys are damn too easy. Flash them a smile and they will melt. Whats easier if a chick goes up and put her moves on him (imagine when they reach for the crotch) dont tell me the guy wouldnt be weak on his knees?

Boys will always be boys too.

Well. What I am trying to tell myself is that.. FORGET all the guys that I met during the summer holidays. Maybe this is the reason why I am so cold to Aron. Those guys are met under alchohol influence, disco-light shadows and loud blaring music. Cant even tell if they are that intelligent or not LOL Sober up, girl!