Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Relationship Crisis?

I dont blame Aron for losing his mind when I am pissed with just about everything. We have little fights (usually I start them) but last night was like the last straw when he gave me the cold shoulder. I feel under-appreciated. Okay, maybe I would like him to thank me 24/7 or sweet talk me each time I prepare dinner and vaccum the carpet :(

Confession time. Or maybe I just dont love him as much as I used to. I feel like I am too committed. I am only a girlfriend. Fine, a live-in girlfriend to be exact. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out on anything apart from being with him all the time. But like he would say, what am i missing out on? Theres nothing out there compared to the fun we share. Somewhat true but I am not totally convinced.

I watched "13 Going on 30" last night. At the end of the movie I was sobbing like mad. When were we 13? Like 7 freaking years ago! We went bananas over boys! LOL These peeking-at-my-crush stuff. I remember my younger teen days were spent eyeing on Kok Sieng only. Dumb girl I was. Now that we are older, it's real stuff :O

Ohhh and where was I. Aron. So I am really giving him a hard time. Its like, he wants to know me better but I am avoiding that to happen. Let's say, if things really dont work out for us, I might be missing out on a lot. I will have to move back into the hostel which is a hassle, no student exchange programme to Germany next year (meaning no envious peers) and I guess everything we had once together is.. *sigh*